Promotional Materials

Customised solutions are available.

Despite the thousands of standard safety sign messages available on our e-commerce website we appreciate that there will always be occasions when a customer needs something customised – whether it’s adding a company logo, imagery or simply creating a unique ‘one-off’ sign.

Custom Made

We can produce digitally printed specials to include graphics, fonts and colours to create unique signs – simply provide us with the relevant artwork and we can deliver in a range of materials and sizes.

For any ‘specials’ please send us a high resolution image file at the time of ordering. Please note that the quality of images taken from a website will not be good enough to use for printing purposes and any additional work required to make the image print-ready will incur an additional artwork charge.

You can e-mail artwork to - don't forget to attach your file (see below for what we need)! Also, include ALL the details - size, number to be printed and what you want them printed onto (rigid plastic, self-adhesive vinyl, pvc banner etc). Do this even if you have spoken to us about the job on the phone or in person.

Standard Specials

If you need a ‘special’ safety message in the format of a prohibition, mandatory or warning sign, we can create your design in a range of sizes and materials to meet your requirements.



Printers use CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black), whereas on screen we use RGB (Red, Green, Blue). You need to ensure your document is set up in CMYK, otherwise your print could come back not how you expected. When you convert your image from RGB to CMYK it may appear duller, you may have to brighten up the colours to compensate.

Image Quality

High Quality Images

On screen we view images at around 72dpi, however printing requires a much larger resolution, we request a minimum of 300dpi for us to produce our signs. This means you can’t use low resolution/website images as they will appear pixelated, you will need a larger image file. You can check the image resolution in Photoshop by selecting Image>Image Size. Please supply any image files in .pdf, .jpg, .tiff or .pgn format- the bigger the better!

Please supply any image files in .pdf, .jpg, .tiff or .png format- the bigger the better!

Font Outlines

Print Ready Fonts

It’s important that when you send a document to print you convert the fonts to outlines. This basically means that rather than the type being an editable font, you change it into a shape layer. This will stop any font issues occurring at the printer’s side. In Adobe Illustrator it’s as simple as selecting all your type and then clicking Type > Create Outlines.

Print Ready PDF

Print Ready PDF

You can create a PDF file from most programs now, and it’s the easiest file for us to use. When saving your PDF you can select to include crop marks and a bleed, you can also ensure the resolution you want to save the file at. You can also run a preflight check in Adobe Acrobat, and you can set it up to check for various things, such as image resolution, bleeds, spot colours etc. This is really helpful to check that you haven’t missed anything.

Ask us. If you aren’t sure what we can do or what you need to supply just give us a call and we will be happy to advise.